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It starts from our core.

Intentional Excellence

Our core values are not just words, they are who we are and how we live, and it starts at the top.

Carlos Borjas


“Everything starts with integrity; it is the building block of a life well lived. Trust is built over time in any relationship and at Feralloy, we place high value on our long-term partnerships which have stood the test of time – because honesty is woven into the fabric of our people and our business.”

Mike Borzych
Vice President, Finance


“Flexibility and our willingness to transform means that we remain relevant in an ever-changing world. While we will always remain true to our core values, we adjust our methods and our thinking to meet the needs of our customers. The six most dangerous words at Feralloy are, ‘We’ve always done it that way.’”

John Nagle
Vice President


“Service implies meeting your needs. To me, service should go above and beyond expectations, going the extra mile. To our customers, it should be notable, even remarkable. Concierge level service says, ‘You are important to me. You’re not an interruption in my day; you’re the reason for it.’”

Bryan Radocovich


“Our people are our greatest asset. Their value lies not in what they do for us, but in who they are. We do not want to be marked by the equipment that fills our plants, but by the people who choose to share their lives with us. Everyone goes home at the end of their shift – valued, known, healthy, and whole.”

Gary Willis
Information Technology


“I always ask myself, ‘How can this be done differently? What can I do to help my customers? How can I create a process that saves time and money?’ Innovation can be as simple as a small process change and as big as an entirely new concept. The driving force behind innovation for me is making somebody’s life easier. That’s one of my goals every day when I come to work.”

Ricky Farmer
Human Resources


“Commitment reminds me of the high ideals of dedication and loyalty. To me, commitment means fulfilling my obligations and keeping my promises… to my family, to my friends, to my teammates, and to my customers.”

Divisional Leadership

Tom Sesterhenn, Vice President – GH Metal Solutions

Arturo Marroquin, General Director – Acero Prime

Joe Franczyk, General Manager – Northern Region

Jared Matherne, General Manager – Southern Region

Nick Fiore, General Manager – OFP, Transportation

Rick Henke, Operations Manager – Texas

Perry Liangos, Operations Manager – Northern Region

Scott Javor, Operations Manager – Southern Region

Affiliated Companies

Tom Gavin, Division Manager – Central Plains Steel

John Inglis, General Manager – Allegheny Steel Distributors

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